Dog Supplies

Dog Supplies

They are our best friends – the definition of unconditional love. They are always glad to see us, please us, and play. They comfort us when we are sad and make us bust out grinning at the most unexpected moments. They become family members that we can’t live without. They love soft surfaces, runs in the park, chasing balls or skunks. They can chew an amazing assortment of items that get left within reach of their mouths and when we get upset with them they have no idea what we are so angry about. Some of them even become legends.

Braxton’s understands the love we share for our dogs, and we carry all the supplies and pamperings your pooch could want, including:

Premium Dog FoodsWe offer a full range of the best dog food brands available, including Natural Balance, Wellness, Orijen, Acana, Zignature, Instinct, Annamaet, the National Brands, and more. See our full list of brands here.

Dog Treats: Whether used as a training aid or just a special snack, we have just the treats your dogs love!

Dog Toys: We’ve got everything to keep your dogs entertained, exercised, and happy! From bones to balls, chew toys to squeakers, we’ve got the toys that are sure to please your pup.

Leashes, Collars, and Wearables: Let your dog show off her style – choose from a great selection of shirts, sweaters, collars, leashes, coats, hats, even Halloween costumes… and more!

Grooming Supplies: Keep your dog looking and smelling his best with the finest in dog grooming aids. We stock a variety of clippers, brushes, shampoos, conditioners, fragrances, dental aids, and much more!

Health Care & Supplements: We carry all of the health care products and supplements you’re looking for – vitamins, flea control, first aid products, and more.

Other Supplies: Bowls and diners, bedding, cages, training aids, and more… you name it, we carry it (or we’ll get it for you!)


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