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5 Tips to Avoid Heat-Related Pet Problems!

With the hot and humid weather hanging around, Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital offers tips to keep your pets healthy and cool. Heat Stroke: Heat stroke can be life threatening for both dogs and cats. It is important to know the warning signs. Click here for symptoms and ways to prevent this deadly problem. Cool Shady…  
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Penn Animal Blood Bank

Nothing is more frightening than the realization that your furry family member needs a life saving surgery and more than that, a blood transfusion. Where does the blood come from? With humans, the Red Cross provides blood to hospitals around the country. Well fortunately, Penn Vet offers a blood bank with a mobile bloodmobile to…  
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Photo: Romprescue.com

Comforting Your Pets on the Fourth of July

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, it is important to know how to care for and protect your pets. Did you know that more dogs run away from home on July 4th than any other day of the year? Even if there are not large displays scheduled for your area, you should…  
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Lilies and Cats Don’t Mix!

Did you know that lilies are highly toxic to cats? According to Taylor Blackston at Penn Vet, all parts of the lily plant are considered poisonous, so it is important to be sure that lilies be kept away from cats because kidney damage can occur within 24-72 hours of ingestion. Dangerous Lilies Include: Easter lily…  
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Photo: M. Ketner

“Storm Phobia” – Does Your Dog Suffer?

According to the National Weather Service, NWS, summer is the peak season for one of the nation’s deadliest weather phenomena–lightning. Accompanying this deadly lightning is its counterpart thunder. These summer thunder storms not only drive pets crazy, but also their owners. Patty Khuly, a small animal veterinarian from Miami, says, “It’s the same thing every…  
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