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HELP! Invasive Species

Did you know that February 26 – March 2 is National Invasive Species Awareness Week? If you are like me, you might be thinking, “What is an invasive species?” An “invasive species” is defined as a species that is: 1) non-native (or alien) to the ecosystem under consideration and 2) whose introduction causes or is…  
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7 Dog Breeds Prone to Dental Disease

Pet parents should bring their dog to the vet for regular dental checkups and cleanings and practice at-home oral hygiene regardless of their dog’s breed. But some dogs, particularly smaller breeds, are at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease. According to PetMD, here are eight dog breeds with whom you should be extra diligent.…  
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Pet Dental Health

Did you know that pet dental care is not just about teeth? Although dental care for your pets may seem like a cosmetic issue, when your pet has red gums, yellow teeth, and stinky breath, it could be a sign of dental disease. Just like in people, dogs can develop dental disease, which can affect…  
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Be My Valentine

Valentines come in all shapes, sizes … and breeds. According to Yahoo News, one in five people would prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with their pet over their partner.  If you understand that statistic, you shouldn’t be surprised that 45% of American pet owners are poised to spend an average of $5.00 on a gift…  
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Winter Backyard Bird Feeding

Do you realize that many birds do not migrate south for the winter?  Some people put away bird baths and feeders until spring; however, there are many beautiful winter birds that can use your help providing necessary food and water when natural resources are at their scarcest. According to Melissa Mayntz, a 30 year birding…  
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