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Petting Pet-iquette

Proper Etiquette for Petting a Stranger’s Dog More people are taking their pups out and about with them, especially in the summer months.  As a dog lover, you see someone walking his dog and your first reaction is to rush in and pet him. Is that the best thing to do? Believe it or not,…  
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Bee Stings and Dogs

What to do for Bee Stings Dogs and cats are curious by nature, so it stands to reason that keeping them away from bees may be difficult. If you are a cat or dog owner, it is likely that someday your pet will encounter a bee who stings. What you should do if your dog or cat…  
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Learning How Pet Food is Made

If you stopped by Braxton’s last week, you may have noticed that our store manager, Chad Barone, wasn’t there. He was actually on duty in Auburn, Kentucky, the home of Champion Pet Foods’ – Dog Star Kitchen – to see first-hand how their product is made.  Chad was able to tour the 375,000 square foot,…  
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Blepping – What is it?

Blepping is a term that refers to the act of leaving the tongue, usually the tip, outside the mouth unconsciously.Usually it is used in reference to cats, but other animals can blep too.  Even if you’ve never heard the word blep, if you have pets, you are probably aware of this behavior. Recently, the internet has been inundated with this…  
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Do All Dogs Swim?

Although water can be a great way to cool down on these hot, humid summer days, it is a common misconception that all dogs can swim. According to Dr. Lloyd Keddie, a veterinarian in Fairview, Alta., and president of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, about 1 in 1000 dogs drown each year. While it is…  
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