Cat Supplies

Cat supplies

What is more comforting than a cat curled up in your lap purring? They are best friends, family members, and occasionally life of the party. They can outsmart us at seemingly every turn. Just when we think we have figured out what they like to eat, they change their minds. They keep us guessing. But, for all that, we wouldn’t trade them for anything.

We offer a full line of cat and kitten foods and supplies to please even the most discriminating feline family members, including:

Premium Cat Foods: We carry a wide variety of exceptional quality cat and kitten foods, canned, dry and raw. Among brands that we stock include Wellness, Orijen, Nature’s Variey, Acana and many more!

Cat Treats: Everyone deserves a little treat once in a while… especially your cat! From kitty milk to dry or moist treats, we have something to please every cat’s fancy.

Cat Toys: Don’t let your curious cats get bored… keep them occupied with some of the many toys and entertainers that we have to offer.

Cat Fashion: Every kitty needs to make a fashion statement. Whether it’s a glitzy collar or a safety name tag, we’ve got the style to please your cat.

Cat Supplements and Medicines: From kitten milk to flea control, we have all of the vitamins, supplements, and first aid supplies you need to keep your cat safe and healthy.

Cat Grooming Supplies: Pamper your kitty with the best in grooming supplies, including fragrant shampoos, clippers, combs, brushes, and more.

Other Cat Supplies: Take a stroll through our cat section to see all we have to offer, such as cat furniture and scratchers, dishes, bowls, self-feeders, cat carriers, and more!

With close to 1000 square feet of cat supplies (that’s larger than some pet stores total), you know we are dedicated to your cats. Stop in to see our full line of products, we’re sure to please! If there’s anything you’re looking for that we don’t have, let us know – we can probably get it for you!

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