Wacky Pet Names


Choosing a name for your new fur addition to the family is an important first step, and the options are endless. Some choose classic human names like Charlie or Lucy, while others opt for descriptive names based on their pet’s appearance or species, such as Boots or Spot. The most popular dog name for 2020 is Bella, and the most popular cat name for 2020 is Luna. While these are very common names, what about the wacky ones?

Do you know someone with an unusual dog or cat name? When making the choice, some consider looks while others consider personality. Nationwide, a pet insurance company, went through their records and came up with a list of the 50 wackiest dog and cat names for 2019.

Some of these names are hysterical. If you need a good laugh, check them out. The top 10 have links to the story behind the name.

Does your pet have an unusual name? Let us know what it is and how you came up with it.

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