Two Great Businesses – One Location

Did you know that our neighbors, the Garden Shoppe, encompass two floors of the old Braxton homestead as well as what can be seen on the outside of the property? As the business has picked up, they have taken over the back parking lot, the inner field, and the front parking lot.

At this time of year, they are also a good, old-fashioned farmers market too. From late June thru mid October, they have an outdoor European style Farm Market. The market carries a wide variety of locally grown produce from Lancaster County along with New Jersey Corn and Tomatoes. The NJ corn and tomatoes are picked daily. In fact, many of their customers buy corn and tomatoes to take to their Jersey shore homes.

They also carry DiBruno Brothers (Philadelphia Italian Market) fresh Mozzarella cheese.  In the Fall, they have local PA apples, freshly made apple cider, pumpkins, 15 varieties of gourds, straw bales in three sizes and corn stalks.

So next time you stop by Braxton’s, save a little time for a stroll through the Garden Shoppe. You won’t regret it.

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