Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Pets

So,  you need a gift for Fido or Fluffy; well, do any of these strike your fancy? While doing some research on the most popular pet gifts for the holidays, I came across an article listing the top 5 outrageous gifts for pets.  I thought I would share them with you along with a few more practical ideas so that you can include your pet in your family celebrations.

1. Pet Wash, Cost: $900.00                

2. Ruby Gown from BNY Dogs, Cost: $1,980.00royal ruby gown by Chien Coature

3. Diamond Style Pet Collar Cost: $3,200,000  

4. Pet Tree House, Cost:$1,299.00

5. Golden Dawn Zen Palace Dog Bed,Cost: $1,150.00

Well, if these gifts are a little too rich for your blood, consider giving one of the following:

1.  Treats: Whether homemade or purchased, your dog/cat will enjoy a yummy gift. Click here for tasty recipes.

2. Toys: Both cats and dogs enjoy new toys to stave off boredom.

3.  Beds: Nothing better than a comfortable bed, soft bed to protect your pet from cold winter floors.

4.  Leash: A new harness and leash will allow your pet to safely explore the outdoors.

5.  You: Quality time with you is the best gift.  Spend time snuggling, loving, and cuddling with your pet.

If your dog or cat has everything, consider donating or volunteering some time at a local animal shelter or rescue.  Many shelters have wish lists at this time of year.  For a list of local animal shelters and rescues, click here.

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