To Give, or Not to Give, That is the Question!

Looking for a gift for that special someone? Considering a new kitten or puppy? Consider again. Although the gift of a pet is alluring at this time of year, it is important to remember that you are giving a living creature. Just because someone says that they love kitties, doesn’t mean that they are capable of caring for one at this time. Unfortunately, animal shelters and rescues see a steady flow of cats, dogs, and small animals that were given as holiday gifts. This doesn’t mean that your great gift idea is spoiled. There are responsible ways to give a pet as a gift. So if you decide that a pet is the only way to go, please consider the following:

1. Financial Cost:  Many people adopt pets without considering the amount of money it will cost. Remember the  food, veterinarian appointments, and grooming costs.

2. Time: Because pets are living creatures, they require lots of attention. Jobs, family obligations, and entertainment can find a new pet home alone.

3. Stable Environment:  The holidays can be a little unpredictable with travel and unexpected company. If  new pets are insecure in their surroundings, then they may have difficulty adjusting.

4. Personal Preference:  Adopting a pet is a lifelong relationship, and it is important to be sure that owner and pet bond.

5. Physical Capabilities: New pets, especially puppies and kittens, require a long-term commitment of time and energy. Be sure that the recipient is truly capable and willing to give the animal the love that is needed.

For more information about giving pets as Christmas presents, click here.


Instead of giving a pet as a surprise gift at the holidays, consider giving a gift certificate for the price of the animal so you can pick out the perfect pet together when you have more time to devote to socializing and training. Take your friend or family member to a selected breeder, shelter or pet store after the New Year and help him select a pet. You can also give a photo of a particular type of pet as a gift and let him know that you would like to purchase him this pet after the holiday chaos has settled and the house has returned to its normal routine. If you decide that a pet is in your future, consider one of these animal shelters and breed-specific rescue organizations in the Philadelphia suburbs.

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