The Eclipse and Pets

Today, millions of people around the country will have the chance to experience what has been called “The Great Eclipse.” 

This rare occurrence in which the sun is totally blocked by the moon, will cross through 14 states, and people from all over are planning to safely experience the event with their own eyes.


Thankfully, according to PetMD, pet parents won’t have to worry about their pets staring directly at the sun and hurting their eyes because, inherently, cats and dogs don’t do this. 

So as long as you don’t make your dog or cat stare at the sun, they shouldn’t have a problem. However, because of the dark sky, temperature change, and people around, pet parents should probably keep their pets inside.

Just like the 4th of July with its celebrations and unpredictable people and noises, today many people will be outside and the atmosphere may be one of celebration. Because your pet is not used to this, it is best to avoid the event completely. Keep them inside with music or the tv playing in the background. Try to keep their day as normal as possible. 

As long as you have your glasses, enjoy this momentous event.








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