Pet Safety at Night

Tonight it will be dark at 4:45 pm! As the days become shorter, it may be difficult to get that evening walk in before dark.  That doesn’t mean you should stop those after-dinner strolls with your dog; it only means that you need to be a little more cautious. It is really important for both…  
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January – National Walk Your Pet Month!

As we shovel out from the latest snow storm, it may be hard to believe that January is designated as National Walk Your Pet Month. If you could ask your dog, he would probably prefer a warmer month to celebrate walks. But be that as it may, January has indeed been designated and we have…  
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A New Leash on Life in the Philadelphia Suburbs

Walking a dog is one of the biggest reasons that owners seek behavior help from professionals.  Recently, my son’s girlfriend adopted a small dog, Ellie.  Like most puppies, Ellie is filled with energy and loves to run around.  She resides in a house located deep in the woods, down a long private lane.  There is…  
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