Treatment for Paw Pad Burns

Today is the first day of summer and with summer comes hot temperatures. Did you know that in addition to making sure that your dogs and cats are staying hydrated and cool, it’s essential to look out for paw pad burns on your dog or cat whenever your pet is outside? While your dog still…  
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7 Tips to Prevent Heat Stroke on the Main Line

Have you ever noticed how hot it can get inside a car on a summer day – far hotter than it is outside? That’s because a car acts like a greenhouse, trapping the sun’s heat. A study by the Animal Protection Institute showed that even moderately warm temperatures outside can quickly lead to deadly temperatures…  
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Bee Safe

In this world of technology, it is not uncommon to find people experimenting with the latest cell phone or computer. These innovations spark a sense of curiosity regardless of age. Our pets have that same eagerness to check out their surroundings. Puppies and kittens are excited to interact with the world around them.  They are…  
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