Pet Identification – Your Pet’s Ticket Home!

April 20 -26, 2014 is National Pet Identification Week and Braxton’s Animal Works is reminding its customers to take every precaution to be sure you can be reunited with your pet in the event he or she becomes lost. Did you know that 1 in every 3 pets will be lost in their lifetime? Most…  
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Top 5 New Year’s Pet Resolutions

As New Year’s Eve approaches, so do the thoughts of resolutions. You should lose weight, start exercising, spend more time with family and friends. This new beginning is a chance to commit yourself to an advantageous lifestyle change for the following year. Most pets could benefit from some of these same changes. So as you…  
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The Benefits of Microchipping your Pet

Many pet owners have experienced the heartache of losing a pet. As with anything, it is important to be prepared so that, whether your cat slips out the door while you are bringing in groceries or your dog sprints through the electronic fence chasing a rabbit, there is the best chance of your pet being…  
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