Pets and Fall Toxins

Are you a Fall enthusiast? Does the crisp, cool air, the pumpkin spice coffee, the luscious foliage get you excited for the changing of the seasons? Well, you might be surprised to learn that your cats and dogs look forward to and enjoy this time of year also. But fall can be a time of…  
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To Feed or Not To Feed?

Should I stop feeding the birds in my backyard in autumn? For years backyard bird watchers incorrectly assumed that providing food for their feathered friends in the fall would somehow hurt them. This is a misconception! Autumn is a perfect time to stock those feeders because birds who need to be ready for a cold…  
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Autumn Pet Safety Tips

Ahh, Fall!! My favorite time of the year. The kids are back in school, and the crisp, cool weather is a welcome change from the searing heat of the past few months. Your pets would probably agree. It is a great time to be outside, and they love it too. With the change of seasons…  
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