Spotlight Braxton’s – Jacky

Chad and Jacky“A little piece of heaven,” is how Jacky Hunt describes working for Braxton’s Animal Works.

Jacky’s story is quite unique. She began working for Bill Braxton in 1968 – that’s the year now co-owner, Dave Braxton was born.

According to Jacky, she was a student in a Conestoga High School art class when her teacher asked if anyone would be interested in decorating a storefront window for the Christmas season. Jacky jumped at the chance. She stopped by Braxton’s and met Bill, the proprietor at the time. He explained what he needed her to do, and she had so much fun doing it, she asked him for a job.

To say the rest is history would not be doing the story justice. Jacky was the first female sales associate hired at Braxton’s. Bill gave her an opportunity and she far exceeded his expectations. She loved the “can-do” attitude cultivated at Braxton’s. “They are just good people,” Jacky says.

Jacky continued to work at Braxton’s after high school while pursuing a degree in Elementary/Early Childhood Education. Her love of animals as well as the culture at Braxton’s kept her here. She loved the “can-do” attitude of Bill especially when he was demonstrating a grooming technique, “He would put the dog up on the counter showing the customer what to do, and then he would watch as they became comfortable with the action.”

Jacky loved soccer too, and thanks to Bill Braxton’s flexibility, she was able to coach at Notre Dame Academy and keep her job.

Eventually, Jacky left Braxton’s to pursue her dream of teaching where she continues to affect young lives at Rosemont School of the Holy Child. She teaches Science, Physical Education and coaches soccer too.

Jacky never really left Braxton’s. Over the years, Jacky and her dog, Jamie, would visit on a regular basis.

Not too long ago, Jacky was looking for a summer job, and she couldn’t think of anywhere else she would rather work.

Jacky believes that Braxton’s Animal Works, a third generation business, is an example of a true All American Success Story. Their commitment to friendly service and personal attention continues today with John and Dave Braxton at the helm.

We are so thankful to have such an outstanding community member on our staff!

jacky and her dog, jamie

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