Spotlight Braxton’s – Linda Boyd

linda“Being at Braxton’s is not just a job,” says Linda Boyd, office manager at Braxton’s Animal Works. After recently scaling back to a three day work week, Linda says, “I enjoy my job and can’t wait to return.”

Linda was looking for something different after a 32 year career with a major transportation company in the Human Resources department. Eventually she found Grateful Dog, a pet-supply wholesale dealer. She loved working there and was able to bring her corporate skill set to the family run business. Unfortunately, in 2006, the company was sold and the owners – knowing what an asset Linda was – asked Braxton’s if they had a need for an office manager.

Turns out the timing couldn’t have been better. Braxton’s had an opening and the rest is history.

Her human resources and administrative background allowed Linda to integrate updated interviewing practices and to establish a cohesive organizational system for the Braxton’s team.

At the time of her original employment, Linda was not a pet owner. Now, however, she shares a cat, Leah, with her sister, Kathleen. “We live right next door to each other at a 90° angle,” says Linda, “So when I walk up the walkway, Leah knows it’s me coming.”  She actually jumps onto the bench and paws at the curtains to let Kathleen know it’s time to come over to my house.

Leah is a rescue cat from Animal Coalition of Delaware County. “She was 1 1/2 years old when we got her and that was in 2011.” Working at Braxton’s has opened Linda’s eyes to the importance of “quality nutrition.”

In her spare time Linda enjoys “hanging out” with her sister Kathleen. They love antique shopping, reading, and doing puzzles.

Linda loves her work at Braxton’s too. Working for a smaller, family-run business is a wonderful experience. “They trust me with their business, and I treat it as if it were my own.”

Linda is here Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays now, so be sure to stop by and say hello.

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