Spotlight Braxton’s – John Walsh

John Walsh, a recent addition to the Braxton’s team, comes to us after a long, 42 year career in the steel industry.

Heading into retirement, John knew that he would need something to do to stay busy. A long time customer of Braxton’s Animal Works, he always enjoyed the store and especially its people. “I loved the way they welcomed the animals,” said John of the Braxton’s employees. 

His love for animals and his desire to work with people drove him to pursue a job in this field, and Braxton’s was his number one choice. 

Currently, John is the proud parent of a Lab/Border Collie mix, Laddy, but in the near future, his family is expected to grow. Laddy’s sister, who is currently with pups, will be joining the family soon. 

Although John has only been at Braxton’s a few months, he has become an integral part of the staff. His kind face and friendly demeanor are a perfect addition to the Braxton’s team.

Laddy, the new rescue, bonding with the neighbors.

Please join us in welcoming John to our team. Be sure to say hello on your next visit.


  1. Jeremiah Simms says:

    Whenever we come in, he is always helpful. Very funny, very positive. Our dogs eat very well because of him. They love the toys too!

  2. Becca James says:

    John is a kind, soft spoken man. He knows his stuff and will do what he can to help out.

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