Spotlight Braxton’s – Christina Reilly

christina reilly

Christina and Hunter

“Sharing nutritional knowledge with customers is the best part of my job at Braxton’s,” says Christina Reilly. Even though she has only worked at Braxton’s for 3 1/2 years, Christina was quite familiar with the store.

As a child, Christina and her sister, Katie, would walk to Braxton’s to buy Beastie Band Collars for their cats, Oscar, Pixie, and Dark Star. She loved looking at all of the cat merchandise, and eventually Christina began designing her own cat toys, some of which have been sold at Braxton’s.

Christina enjoys attending seminars about pet health nutrition so that she can guide customers to the precise nutritional solution for their cats’ and dogs’ particular needs.

Along with her responsibilities on the sales floor, Christina is the “Face of Braxton’s” as she goes out into the community making home deliveries. She loves being “greeted by her four-legged customers.” Many of her repeat customers recognize her and welcome her arrival.

“The people at Braxton’s,” says Christina, “are what make this job so great.” She has formed many close relationships with fellow employees some of whom attended her recent wedding.

Besides her husband, Daniel, Christina lives with her 2 Siamese cats, Crystal Bell and Minx  (one a seal point and one a chocolate point) and her Beagle, Hunter. When they aren’t keeping her busy, Christina enjoys camping and attending concerts.

Christina works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so be sure to stop by and say hello.

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