Severe Weather – Are You Prepared?

Photo: Maureen K.

Photo: Maureen K.

Did you know that March 2-8 is National Severe Weather Preparedness Week? When severe weather strikes, you may have a plan for you and your family, but have you thought about your furry family members as well?

Whether thunder, lightning, or heavy winds, it is natural for your pets to become frightened and do whatever it takes to escape to a safe place.

So preparing for severe weather is crucial and should begin long before the first spring storm hits. Below are several simple steps you can take to make sure your pets are prepared for severe weather.

  1. Check your pet’s identification. (ID tags are fine, but to be safe, consider micro-chipping your pet)
  2. Keep vaccinations up to date.
  3. Take photos often and keep them handy.
  4. Keep pets inside during severe weather.
  5. Never leave pets tied up outside.

If you must evacuate your home:

  1. Have a  travel crate ready.
  2. Pack enough food and bottled water.
  3. Pack any medications your pet takes.
  4. Pack some favorite toys.

If your pet is particularly anxious during severe weather:

  1. Crate them in a safe, interior room.
  2. Pet or brush them to reduce stress.
  3. Remain calm yourself.

Common sense and careful planning can help you and your pets weather any storm.

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