Round Up at the Register

For the month of December, Braxton’s Animal Works is asking customers to Round Up for a Cause and donate their change to support Main Line Deputy Dog and Paws and Affection. We will split the proceeds between these two worthy causes.

For those who are unfamiliar, Main Line Deputy Dog ( is an organization that helps people with physical or mental concerns train their own dogs to be fully certified service dogs. Main Line Deputy Dog is committed to improving the lives of people with physical or psychiatric disabilities, creating new and fulfilling lives for homeless dogs, building independence and self-esteem through dog training, educating others about the human-dog relationship, and respecting and supporting the well-being of all people and dogs. 

Paws and Affection ( is a nonprofit 501c3 with the mission of training and placing service, facility, and companion dogs with young people who have a range of disabilities in the greater Philadelphia area and to educate the public about service dogs and their role in the community. Our goal is to empower these children with independence and confidence by matching them with amazing dogs.

At Paws and Affection, they recognize the innate ability dogs have to bond with humans. Dogs use their heightened senses to read body language and to smell changes in body chemistry. When these abilities are honed to focus on specific needs, the result is a mutually beneficial relationship between dog and child that has a tremendous impact.

Please help by donating your change during the month of December. 

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