Recall – Wellpet Wellness Canned Cat Products

Wellpet Cat Food Recall

Voluntary recall on Wellpet’s Wellness Canned Cat Products
Out of an abundance of caution, Wellpet has issued a voluntary recall on seven SKUs of their Wellness canned cat products. They were notified this week that a very small amount of this product may not have been manufactured to their high quality standards.

The following are the lot codes affected.

If you have any of the following products, please return them to Braxton’s.

Item # Description Expiration Date
43208820 WEL C CKN HERNG 12.5OZ 8/4/2019
43208822 WEL C CKN 12.5OZ 8/3/2019 and 8/4/2019
43208823 WEL C TKY 12.5OZ 8/4/2019 and 8/5/2019
43209122 WEL C BF SMN 12.5OZ 8/5/2019

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