Preparing Your Backyard Birdfeeders for Winter

Photo: Ruth T.

It’s October!!!

With crisp, cool temperatures arriving, you may have noticed a change in the activity at your bird feeders.

This is a great time to clean your hummingbird feeders and store them for the winter as they won’t return again until next spring.

Even though the hummingbirds’ visits are over for now, your other backyard birds are trying to bulk up for the winter. This means that activity at your feeders will surely increase. You will recognize your steady customers, but you may be getting visits from temporary guests as well. As some birds fly south for the winter, they may stop at your house to fill up for the next leg of their trip.

At this time of year, feeder birds are looking for food that is easily accessible and packed with energy. That makes your backyard feeders even more important.

Seeds with lots of protein and fat are best. Sunflower seeds, peanut hearts, and safflower seeds are the best options. If you opt to buy mixed seed, look for those with high percentages of sunflower seeds, nuts, and safflower seeds inside.

Suet Cakes are a valuable addition to your fall backyard. This lard helps to build up a bird’s fat reserves. Suet Cakes are perfect for fall and winter feeding.

Don’t want to buy seed or suet? You can make a DIY bird feeder by spreading peanut butter on a pinecone and hanging it on a tree branch. Birds will happily dig out the high-protein, high-fat delight.

There is plenty more you can do to make your yard the perfect place for your visitors throughout the season. Visit Braxton’s backyard bird section for ideas about how to make your backyard attractive to birds.

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