Animal Rescue Organizations

Animal shelters & rescuesBraxton’s is committed to the welfare of all animals and supports the efforts of animal shelters and breed-specific rescue organizations. We encourage our customers to check out the following local animal rescue organizations when looking to add a new pet to your family!

Multi-Breed Animal Shelters & Rescue Organizations

Dog Shelters & Rescue Organizations

Cat Shelters & Rescue Organizations

  • Cat Angel Network 610-327-6870
  • CPR for Cats Society 610-539-8001
  • Siamese Rescue 540-672-6373
  • Stray Cat Blues 215-631-1851

Horse Organizations

  • Last Chance Ranch Equine Rescue 215-538-2510
  • Gress Mountain Ranch 610-398-2122

Small Animal Shelters & Rescue Organizations

Wildlife Rehab & Rescue

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