Pet Back to School Blues

Photo: Maureen M.


It’s that time of year again –  the kids are back in school and the house is quiet all day. Although this may sound delightful to some, it  may be just the  situation that throws your dog into a frenzy. Dogs who are used to having the kids around during the day in the summer or have become accustomed to more outings may have a hard time adjusting. Considering the fact that in the wild, dogs are almost never away from their pack, it is our job to help make this unnatural situation less stressful, especially if they are an only pet. Below are a few tips to help relieve the stress of a changing schedule.

Tips to manage anxiety:

  • Walk your dog in the morning before you leave the house so your dog will be in a resting mode while you are away.
  • Avoid emotional departures so that your dog believes that your time apart is not a big deal.
  • Keep a radio or television going when you are away from the house. Many pets enjoy hearing the sounds of people when they are home alone.
  • Leave some sturdy, interactive toys like a Kong for your dog to help keep him busy.
  • Consider doggie daycare or a dog walker to prevent separation anxiety.

The Humane Society Silicon Valley has put together this helpful infographic with tips for re-establishing a routine and keeping your dog happy and engaged:

Not all dogs suffer from separation anxiety, but for those who do, it needs to be addressed quickly. Remember that your pets are sensitive to change and can develop anxiety easily. The smoother you make the transition, the happier you both will be.

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