Meet Cleve’s Organic Dog Treats

Cleve and Elaine

Elaine and Cleve

“We are just Different!  With a capital D!” says Elaine Cury, owner of CLEVE’S Organic Dog Treats. Her story is a bit unusual.

Elaine, a dog trainer in Spring City, PA, was on a mission to clear up the misconception that Pit Bulls are a bad breed of dog. She believes that it is not the dogs themselves, but the way they are raised – with neglect, abuse, and over breeding – that causes a dog to act out.

So determined to prove her theory, Elaine headed to a New York City shelter on December 16, 2013 where so many very nice dogs and especially Pitty types are killed, and she chose CLEVE. Things were not easy in the beginning. Elaine found that Cleve was an incredibly picky eater – he refused just about everything she gave him. Finally, she decided to make her own treats.

Particular about what she puts into her own body, Elaine decided to formulate dog treats from only the best available products. Her dog treats are not only Natural, but they are truly Organic. They use USDA Certified Organic, human grade ingredients from human supply chain distributors. Their products have LIMITED INGREDIENTS – about 5 per recipe. The products contain NO colors, NO chemicals or artificial ingredients, NO preservatives, NO sugar and of course, NO corn, wheat, soy or other grain and are gluten free.

After working with a dog nutritionist, Elaine formulated her first dog cookie, PEANUT BUTTER/FLAX SEED. Its ingredients will strengthen your dog’s immune system and make his fur shine. Her second attempt resulted in PARMESAN CHEDDAR, a huge hit with dogs and people alike.  A more recent flavor addition is the APPLE DANDY which contains apples and cinnamon both good for dogs suffering from arthritis or diabetes.

To ensure high quality and freshness, CLEVE’S Organic Dog Treats are made in small batches and shipped within 48 hours.

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