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Would you be surprised to know that a whopping 66% of female pet owners would rather receive Valentine’s Day kisses from their pet than their significant other? According to a recent survey of 4300 pet owners, 67% of female pet parents would end a relationship with a significant other if their partner clashed with their pet. If you are interested in tips to strengthen the bonds between your partner and your pet, click here.

With all of this love, it shouldn’t surprise you that Americans are expected to spend $367 million on their pets for Valentine’s Day. Before you spend the money, it is important to know what gifts are appropriate as well as safe for your pets. One of the best things you can do for your pet is make homemade pet treats; they are less expensive and better for them since you control the ingredients. For healthy recipes, click here.

Edible treats aren’t the only way to make this Valentine’s the best ever for your pet. There are a wide range of pet gifts and accessories perfect for Valentine’s Day. Stop by Braxton’s; there helpful and courteous staff are full of suggestions. You may consider:

  • New Pet Bed
  • Special Toy
  • Extra Time

And if you’re expecting flowers for Valentine’s, or planning on sending them to a certain special pet parent, be careful! A number of flowers common in arrangements are dangerous for dogs and cats. Many lilies and tulip varieties can be poisonous, and be sure to keep anything with thorns (like the classic rose) out of reach. Thankfully, there are safe alternatives, including daisies, orchids, and violets. offers some incredible dog-shaped (and dog-friendly!) arrangements, including the aptly-named “Lucky in Love!”

If you are looking for a unique gift for your human companion, consider making a donation in his/her name to a local pet rescue. It is truly a gift from the heart. For a list of local pet shelters and rescues in our area, click here.

Upcoming Events:

Mark your calendars and plan to visit Braxton’s as they host local rescue organizations in February. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful pets available for adoption. For more information on any of the following events, click here.

February 15, 2014: Animal Rescue Foundation 9-3.

February 22, 2014: Finding Shelter 11-2.

February 23, 2014: Francisvale Home for Small Animals 1-3.

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