Lilies and Cats Don’t Mix!

10500587_10204007581890395_8348908922514799516_nDid you know that lilies are highly toxic to cats? According to Taylor Blackston at Penn Vet, all parts of the lily plant are considered poisonous, so it is important to be sure that lilies be kept away from cats because kidney damage can occur within 24-72 hours of ingestion.

Dangerous Lilies Include:
Easter lily
Tiger lily
Rubrum lily
Japanese show lily
Day lily

Signs of poisoning:
Loss of appetite

Seek medical treatment immediately

The pet poison hotline states, “Just 2-3 leaves, or even the pollen groomed off the fur, can result in poisoning in a cat. If untreated, acute kidney failure will develop and be fatal. Thankfully, lily poisoning doesn’t cause kidney failure in dogs, but if a large amount is ingested, it can result in some gastrointestinal signs in our canine friends.”

Remember that even a small ingestion can result in severe kidney failure so use caution when bringing flowers into the home and watch carefully if you allow your cat to peruse the yard.

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