Learning How Pet Food is Made

If you stopped by Braxton’s last week, you may have noticed that our store manager, Chad Barone, wasn’t there. He was actually on duty in Auburn, Kentucky, the home of Champion Pet Foods’ – Dog Star Kitchen – to see first-hand how their product is made. 

Chad was able to tour the 375,000 square foot, state-of-the-art kitchen as well as a farm from which many of the botanical ingredients are sourced. He learned that this “Kitchen” was designed specifically by Champion to ensure that their products live up to the consistent nutritional philosophy of their company – Biologically Appropriate Pet Food, Fresh Regional Ingredients, and Never Outsourcing, also known as BAFRINO.

This Kentucky plant produces both Orijen and Acana products. You may wonder how they got those names, or do they stand for something? Orijen is derived from the Latin term ‘origin’ meaning source or beginning. Born from a desire to mirror the foods dogs and cats are evolved to eat, ORIJEN is the fullest expression of their Biologically Appropriate mission and dedication to fulfilling dogs and cats’ evolutionary needs. The name ACANA is an abbreviation for Alberta, Canada where the company was founded. The name embodies their commitment to using Fresh Regional Ingredients in both Canada and Kentucky. 

Sending Chad to learn about more about the nutritional ingredients and processes used in making the food we sell is just another example of Braxton’s commitment to education. We strive to keep up with the latest pet trends and to that end, we are committed to educating our employees so that our customers can benefit from our vast knowledge of the market. 

Please stop in with your pet related questions. Don’t hesitate to ask Chad about his visit to Kentucky.


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