Last Minute Pet Gifts

Did you know that Americans are expected to spend over 60 billion dollars on their pets this holiday? 

According to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, about half of dog owners and 39 percent of cat owners buy gifts for their pets for Christmas or Chanukah. That survey also revealed that dog owners spend an average of $14 on any gift for their canines, while cat owners spend an average of $12.

Photo: Elizabeth D.

Although we are spending more on our pets, sometimes the best gifts are free. Consider giving your pet what they really want – more of you.

Dogs Love:

  • Belly Rubs
  • Holiday Walks
  • Extra Play Time
  • Brushing

Cats Love:

  • Scratching (especially on the head)
  • Playing with paper balls (wrapping paper makes a great ball)
  • Investigating (empty shopping bags make wonderful places to explore)
  • Laps (cats love to sleep on your lap)

Even if you have already purchased that perfect gift for your furry friend, consider spending more time with them; it’s what they really want this holiday season. 

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