It’s Hot!

5 Products to Help Your Pet Beat the Heat

Heat Alert!

In this hot weather, it’s important to take special care of your pets and keep them cool. Braxton’s carries a variety of products to ensure that your pets remain cool and comfortable.

  1. Swamp Cooler Cooling Vest is one easy way to keep dogs cool. It keeps your dog frisky even on the hottest day by the simple process of evaporation. Just soak the vest in cold water, wring out the excess then put it on your dog. Your dog’s body heat exchanges with the coolness of the water in the vest and keeps your dog cool, comfortable and active like a perfect spring day.
  2. Ultra Paws Cool Dog Boots deflect the surface temperature away from your dog’s paw. Designed for protection from hot surfaces – sidewalks, concrete, streets, boats, docks, and sand.
  3. The Chill Collar is recommended for dogs that overheat because it keeps flat-faced and large-sized breeds cool and comfortable while walking, playing and relaxing.
  4. Cool Bed III is designed to radiate heat back into the air or the floor surface to keep a dog cool. The water-saturated Cool Core™ inside the Cool Bed III™ absorbs the dog’s natural body temperature of 102°F and converts it to room temperature.
  5. Zephyr Cooling Bandana allows your dog to be comfortable during the hot summer days. The lightweight material uses evaporative cooling technology to keep your dog’s temperature down.

So this summer keep your dog cool by visiting Braxton’s. Make sure you bring your pet along with you, so we can help fit him/her with just the right product to keep them cool no matter what the temperature is.

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