Importance of Walking Your Dog in Wayne, PA

dog walking in wayne paWarmer weather means that we turn our attention to outside activities. Many of us want to get back into shape after a long winter. We know that it is important for us to ease into a new exercise routine, but what about our dogs?  It is normal for dogs to store fat in the winter, but a heavier dog needs to begin spring exercise gently.

Ideally, every dog should be walked on a leash at least twice daily for a minimum of 20 minutes, rain or shine. This is only a guideline, of course, because your dog’s need for and tolerance of exercise will be determined by its age, breed, and health status. Some dogs may need more exercise than this, others may need less. But there is no doubt that exercise has many benefits.


  • Enjoy each other’s undivided attention
  • Reinforce obedience skills
  • Establish territorial investigation
  • Provides intellectual stimulation
  • Prevent diseases related to obesity

Walks can provide essential social interaction with playmates, positive attention from you, and mental stimulation that he is unable to enjoy within the confines of your home or yard. Walking your dog is also one of the best ways to prevent inappropriate elimination, destructiveness, and other common behavioral disorders. Click here for more information about the benefits of walking your dog.

Looking for a place around the Philadelphia area to hike or walk with your dog, click here.


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