Ice Melt & Pet Safety

Did you know that not all ice melters are created alike? With winter weather upon us, it’s time to think about snow and ice removal. Most of us will think nothing of sprinkling a little rock salt on our sidewalks and driveways, but did you know that rock salt can damage your hardscapes or injure your pets and children? Dogs are particularly vulnerable to the corrosive characteristics of salt.

Exposure to salt and salt-based ice melting products can cause dogs severe dermatitis, inflammation of the paws, and serious gastrointestinal problems including vomiting and internal burns of the mouth and digestive tract. When your pet comes in from the outside, be sure to check his paw pads for cracking or bleeding. Dr. Kenneth Drobatz of The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine recommends, “Rinsing off and thoroughly drying the paws, legs, and belly of your pet with room temperature water to prevent any accidental ingestion of poisonous deicers, antifreeze, or other chemicals.”

Safe Paw, a 100% salt and chloride free ice melt is a great alternative. It works to a low temperature of -2° or -19° and is packaged in an easy to use 8 lb. shaker jug. Available at Braxton’s, this nontoxic deicer is safe around children and pets and will not harm waterways and sensitive wetlands.

Last year, Safe Paw was unable to keep up with the demand in our area and sold out early. So stock up now; unused Safe Paw is good for years and has an unlimited shelf life.

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