To Feed or Not To Feed?

Photo: Ruth T.

Photo: Ruth T.

Should I stop feeding the birds in my backyard in autumn? For years backyard bird watchers incorrectly assumed that providing food for their feathered friends in the fall would somehow hurt them. This is a misconception! Autumn is a perfect time to stock those feeders because birds who need to be ready for a cold winter will be scouting food sources now. Here are some other reasons to continue to feed your backyard friends during these autumn months:

*Helps resident birds build fat reserves for migration
*Provides food for migrating birds
*Offers supplemental food to nature
*Helps migrant birds remember reliable food sources for the spring

Since migrating birds will need lots of energy for their trip, foods with high caloric intake as well as high oil content are essential and include:

*Black oil sunflower seed
*White proso millet
*Cracked Corn

Food is only one part of attracting birds to your backyard. It is important to keep the area safe by:

*Keeping feeders clean and filled
*Allowing leaves to build up to attract birds
*Keeping bird baths filled and clean
*Squirrel proofing feeders (Check out the Squirrel Buster Plus available at Braxton’s)

Feeding backyard birds in autumn can be exciting and rewarding. By following a few simple tips, you can attract a wide variety of autumn birds species and ensure that they are safely fed throughout the season.

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