Pet Safe De-Icing Methods

Image: Angela Depew

Image: Angela Depew

With the recent snow and falling temperatures, it appears that winter is upon us. This is the perfect time for a winter pet care refresher. Like their human counterparts, pets have difficulty maneuvering in this weather, especially on ice. Many of us have used or will be using some type of de-icing method to clear sidewalks and driveways. Keep in mind that not all products are alike. Salt and other chemicals used to melt ice can irritate a pet’s paws. So before you head to the store for something to clear your sidewalks and driveways, consider your options.

Popular De-Icing Methods:

  • Sand, Gravel, Kitty Litter: All safe products, but they leave a mess and are not the most efficient ice melter.
  • Salt: Sodium chloride and lime rock salt can cause irritation to pet’s paws which in turn causes pets to lick the paw and possibly become sick. Even if you don’t use it, watch where your animals walk because others might.
  • Salt-Free Ice Melter: Recommended by veterinarians, groomers, and Braxton’s, salt-free ice melters are safe for pets, children, and the environment. Braxton’s recommends Safe Paw Ice Melter. If you would like more information about this product, stop by Braxton’s or click here.

Since it is impossible to control what others use on their sidewalks and driveways, invest in a pair of pet boots or paw wax. These can prevent contact with unwanted chemicals. Another good practice is to wash your dog’s paws, legs, and bellies when they come back inside –  especially if they have walked on the street or around the neighborhood. Finally, be careful that your pets do not drink melting ice or snow as it may contain unsafe chemicals. Take precautions to be sure that you and your pets are safe this winter.

Upcoming Events:

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December 14th &15 – Braxton’s is offering pictures with Santa. There is a $20 sitting fee with proceeds going to the Radnor Police K9 Unit. Pictures are conveniently sent to you via For more information, click here.

December 28th – Braxton’s will host a meet and greet with some of the adoptable animals from the Animal Coalition of DelCo from 10-2. For more information, click here.


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