Can Your Pet Give You Lyme?


Can your pet give you Lyme Disease?

Well, the simple answer is No; however, the answer is not that simple.

Lyme disease is one of the most common tick-transmitted diseases in the world, but it only causes symptoms in 5-10% of infected dogs. So how does this affect you? Your pet can carry these infected ticks into your home. Even if they are not on your pet anymore, they could be in your carpet, on your sofa, or even in your bed. Now it is possible for you to become infected.

Animals pick up the black-legged ticks (deer ticks) in the park, in the woods, and even in your own backyard. “Although the ticks that spread Lyme disease, Ixodes scapularis, are popularly known as deer ticks, they also live comfortably on small rodents and birds, so they can easily hitch rides to urban parks,” according to Dr. Galland board-certified internist.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection primarily transmitted by deer ticks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease in the US every year, and many experts believe that the true number of cases is much higher.

So what can you do to prevent Lyme Disease?

  • Check your dog’s coat and skin daily
  • Check yourself daily
  • Use a flea and tick repellent (check with your veterinarian to see what’s best for your dog)

Education is the key to combating Lyme Disease. May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and in most parts of the US, ticks are out in force. This is the time to reacquaint yourself with updated information about Lyme Disease and take the necessary steps to keep you and your pets healthy.tick-guy-KIDS-DOG-with-hats-LDo-72dpi-232x300

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