Braxton’s Helping New Puppy Owners

Photo: Wooters Dog Training

The Crew at Braxton’s Animal Works has been helping puppy owners provide the best care to their new puppies for eighty-two years now and these past few months have been no different.  Well, maybe a little different…

When Braxton’s went to Curbside Pickup and Local Delivery only, that put a crimp in hands-on shopping for all those new puppies and adoptees. Shoppers want to see and feel what they are about to purchase for their new additions. We continued giving advice through phone calls, but customers wanted to see what we were recommending to them. Some people said ‘I trust you, just pick some things out’.  For others, we did FaceTime shopping where we could walk and talk our way through the store. Other times we would text photos of items that someone was interested in. Essentially, we made it work with what we had. Well, our doors are open now, and we can’t wait to see all these new puppies and adoptees. 

A customer called the other day asking if we sell puppy training books. While we haven’t actually sold books in many years, the question made me recall a few classic training books that we recommended to everyone. These titles should still be available. Please try your local book store first.  

How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With, by Clarice Rutherford

Mother Knows Best, The Natural Way To Train Your Dog, by Carol Lea Benjamin

The Art Of Raising A Puppy, by The Monks of New Skete

These were our go-to training books, and I hope they become yours too.  

If you feel that you may need the help of a professional, consider our list of recommended local dog trainers.

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