Bill Braxton Honored at Inaugural Casket Flag Ceremony

Photo Credit: Cine Braxton

On Memorial Day we remember and celebrate the lives and sacrifice of our loved ones lost during wartime.  

During a Casket Flag Ceremony, we remember and celebrate the lives of veterans that came home from the wars of our nation, lived life, and contributed to their communities.  

On Sunday,  May 21, 2017, the inaugural  Casket Flag Ceremony – “Flags of Our Fathers” took place at the Radnor Township War Memorial to honor and remember the veterans from the wars of our nation who helped change and rebuild our community.

It was a moving ceremony where their service was recognized and, in addition to that, family and friends were invited to speak about what the veterans did in their communities after active duty.

There were three inaugural honorees:

• Bill Braxton United States Navy World War II Pacific Campaign

 • Joseph Costello( Hoagie Joe) United States Army European theater World War II

• Larry Disipio United States Army European theater World War II

The casket flags of these veterans were raised over the War Memorial as the remembrance ceremony was taking place in front of the memorial.

The ceremony ended with the playing of Taps as the flags were lowered and refolded by members of the warrior watch who donated their time for this tribute.

Colonel John Church, United States Marine Corps, president of Valley Forge Military Academy, returned the flags to the family members.

The businesses the three veterans started after World War II are still in operation . The sons of the Veteran’s continue their businesses to this day.

To watch a video of this event, click here. Tune in at 34:14 to see an interview with the late Bill Braxton about his service.

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