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Have you considered adopting a dog or cat? Why not try an older pet?

There are plenty of reasons to adopt an older dog or cat, not the least of which is that they are already house trained (or can figure it out quickly).

Most senior pets do not destroy property like shoes or furniture either. They are excited to be loved and fit nicely into a busy household. Unfortunately, older dogs and cats are the last to be adopted from shelters. Here are a few more reasons to adopt a senior pet:

1. Companions: Senior pets make wonderful companions because they possess mild temperaments and lower energy levels.

2. Housebroken: Senior pets are already house trained and don’t need as much attention in this area as a new puppy or kitten might.

3. Loving: Older pets enjoy creating loving bonds and make fiercely loyal pets.

4. Mess: Older dogs are past teething, so they are less likely to chew on furniture or destroy household items.

5. Life: Since older pets are less likely to be adopted, they may be euthanized. By adopting a senior dog, you could be saving a life.

So if you and your family have been thinking of adoption, now may be the right time. Since November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month, Stella and Chewy’s is dedicated to celebrating the awesomeness of senior and adult pet adoption by covering adoption fees for dogs and cats (ages 7+) from any 501c3 shelter or rescue across the US.

Your new best friend is waiting for you, so consider adopting today!

*Terms & conditions do apply. Learn more:

This includes dogs and cats!

This is all part of their Journey Home Fund, which “brings awareness to the awesomeness of adult and senior pet adoption.”

Just fill out this senior pet adoption sponsorship form to qualify.

You must adopt a senior pet during the month of November, and your form must be submitted to Stella & Chewy’s by Dec. 31 for consideration for covering adoption fees.

You must also provide proof of adoption and proof of payment.

More than three million shelter animals are adopted each year, but a majority of those are puppies or younger pets.

Stella & Chewy’s wants to make sure those senior pets get a home, too!

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