5 Tips to Attract Hummingbirds

Do you want to make your backyard hummingbird-friendly? Follow these tips to attract hummers to your yard!

1. Offer Feeders

Hummingbirds need to feed 5 – 8 times every hour, so keeping your hummingbird feeders well supplied is a great way to attract these beautiful birds to your backyard.

2. Offer Multiple Nectar Feeders

Offer multiple nectar feeders in separate areas of your yard so that one territorial hummingbird can’t dominate the only feeder. The more feeders you put out, the more hummers you can attract! If you have only a few hummingbirds, use several small capacity nectar feeders. If you have two or more hummingbird feeders, hang them 6-15 feet apart, so that a single aggressive hummer can’t control access to every feeder.

3. Choose Feeders Wisely

There are many hummingbird feeders on the market, and Braxton’s offers several varieties. We stock many Droll Yankees hummingbird supplies. They suggest that you choose a feeder that is easy to clean and features built-in pest protection, with capacity options to match your local hummingbird needs.

  • Easy to Clean. Bacteria can build up quickly, so nectar feeders need to be totally cleaned at least every 5 days—more often in warm weather. Droll Yankees hummingbird feeders are designed for convenient cleaning with bird feeder brushes.
  • Pest Protection. Feeders with protected ports and ant moats keep nectar solely for hummingbird enjoyment and reduce contamination risk from ants and bees infiltrating the nectar.
  • The Right Capacity. Choose feeders with capacities that match your local hummingbird population. Droll Yankees nectar hummingbird feeders come in a variety of nectar capacity options to match your local hummingbirds’ nectar consumption rates. That way, hummers empty and enjoy your feeders while the nectar is delightfully fresh!

4. Placement of Feeders

Feeders should be placed both low and high. They should also be placed where they are easily accessible to refill. Consider placing a feeder near hanging potted flowers. A Red ribbon tied around the feeder can also attract their attention.5

5. Provide Fresh Nectar

According to Droll Yankees, if you place a nectar feeder in full sun for your viewing enjoyment, just remember to check the condition of the nectar more often. As with all bird feeders, it’s crucial for the health of the birds that you keep your hummingbird feeders clean. Use a hummingbird feeder brush and nectar port brush with a cleaning solution that won’t harm the hummers. You’ll need to clean your hummingbird feeder at least every 5 days, and more often in warm weather, as nectar easily spoils in the sun and heat.

For more information about hummingbird feeders, nectar, or cleaning supplies, click here.

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