5 Tips for Bringing Home Your New Cat!

Photo: M.K. Miller

Photo: M.K. Miller

So, you’ve decided to adopt a cat. Now what do you do? Well, it is important to be prepared before bringing your new arrival home. Here are a few tips that may help to ease the transition.

1. Prepare the Humans: Check to be sure that all family members want to adopt a cat.

2. Stock Up: Stock up on supplies before you bring your cat home. Some of the basics include:
A litter box and brand of litter he/she has been using.
Familiar food and water bowls.
A scratching post.
Grooming tools (at least a brush and nail clippers).
A soft bed.
Stimulating toys.

3. Identification: Proper identification is essential. A safety collar with an I.D. tag will help kitty find her way home should she sneak out in the first few days.

4. A Cat Room: Choose a low traffic room for kitty to sniff, eat, scratch, and stretch while she gets her bearings.

5. Veterinarian: Bring your new feline to a caring veterinarian for a wellness exam within one week of adoption. Make this appointment even before you bring your kitty home.

It is important to know that most cats and kittens do not enjoy traveling, so be sure to have some kind of car carrier with you when you are ready to bring your new family member home. After you arrive home, open the carrier in a safe room away from distractions so that the cat can explore her new surroundings freely.

This is an exciting time for you and your family. You’re about to bring home a new furry family member. Regardless of where the cat is coming from (shelter, street, breeder), it’s important to remember not to rush the process in order to give your cat time to adjust to her new surroundings and new family members. A little extra TLC during this time will help ensure a smoother transition.

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