5 Questions Before Adopting a Pet to Fill Your Empty Nest in Wayne, PA

bird leaving empty nestLooking for ways to fill your empty nest?

Well, after sending both of my children back to school and making sure that they were completely settled in, I realized that the house was awfully quiet with just my husband and myself.  Because we work different shifts, there is a lot of alone time.  Maybe you are feeling the same way.  The past twenty some years have been filled with running children here and there; now it seems to have abruptly ended.

When my friends and I met for breakfast, we were discussing this predicament and someone suggested adopting a pet.  Debbie,  a long time pet owner, was extolling the virtues of pet ownership.  Her husband’s job requires weekly travel and her children are both out of the house.  She said that she couldn’t do it if it weren’t for her dogs because they keep her company and give her a sense of purpose.

Pets are a great way to ease loneliness and  keep you occupied, but there are a few important questions that you should consider before taking the leap into pet ownership.

1.  Why do I want a pet?

  • Do I need a companion?
  • Do I need exercise?

2.  Does this pet match my home environment?

  • Is the pet too big for my space?
  • Is my house pet friendly?

3.  Does this pet match my lifestyle?

  • Do I work long hours?
  • Am I bothered by noise?

4.  Do I have the ability to meet this pet’s needs?

  • Can I let the pet out several times a day?
  • Can I afford the extra cost of a pet?

5.  Where is the best place to adopt a pet?

  • Breeders?

This is not the time for impulse decisions. Adopting a pet has been likened to adopting a child.  It is a huge commitment and must be done only after careful evaluation. If a new pet is in your future, consider attending the annual Harvest Fest.  Braxton’s Animal Works brings together various agencies with the ability to answer these and any other questions that you may have on this subject.  So mark your calendar for the 12th Annual Harvest Fest on Sunday, September 23, 2012. In the mean time check out this video highlighting some of the fun had by all at last year’s Harvest Fest.

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